Using Lyme for Good, Avril Lavigne

Once in a while there are people who rise far above their diseases to make a difference for others who are suffering through it. In the last couple of days this has exploded. Avril Lavigne has released her new single called “Head Above Water.” It takes the depths of Lyme to create this kind of goodness…Read more »

There is No Stork Who Brings The “I Am Good Enough” Message

How did we get it in our heads that the stork is supposed to bring the “I am good enough” to us? Hate to be the one to crush the myth that the stork does not exist. At some point we have to find the “I am good enough” inside of ourselves. Are we still…Read more »

License to be Bold

The more trauma we endure, the sicker we get, the more license we have to be bold. Being bold does not necessarily come naturally to everyone. It certainly is a refined skill to apply it with the effective combination of impact and humility. Trauma, shame, abuse and/or chronic illness can move us into this safe…Read more »

Vulnerability​ Peace

Never in a million years would I have thought I would make this embarrassing moment public. After the embarrassment of being totally and completely vulnerable, I found a peace that I had never felt before. Growing up and through the troubles of life, I am finding a peaceful power in being vulnerable at times.