How did we get it in our heads that the stork is supposed to bring the “I am good enough” to us? Hate to be the one to crush the myth that the stork does not exist. At some point we have to find the “I am good enough” inside of ourselves. Are we still waiting for the “I am good enough” to be delievered or are we ready to reach within?

beautiful black stork fishing on a lake

At this point most of have learned that the movies are fun but rarely portray the truth of life. Hollywood has created a myth about happiness that we, as a society have bought into, at least a little. You can find more Cinderella stories on TV than you can find in real life. Yet life is still worth living.

The movies are fun but they lie!!! Placing the value of my “good enough” no longer comes in the form of obtaining it from any other human, much less the movies. It does not take another human being to give us permission to be good enough.

In the past couple decades, more and more inspirational movies are being made from true life events that display more of the truth of life, the messy parts. There is no stork who delivers the “I am good enough” to our doorstep. Instead, some of us get to fight for it.

Two White Stork In Winter

Finding Your “Good Enough”

As we wade through the depths of chronic illness, trauma and abuse, we can lose sight that we are good enough. We realize we do not have a fight for life that is required. No matter how messy life gets, we are good enough. We are good enough to be worthy of value.

Some people actually find their “good enough” while they wade through the yuck-and-muck of chronic illness and trauma and their new-found value helps them rise above it.

The part that I do not like, but find profound, is the fact that for some of us it is the drowning in the yuck-and-muck to believe that we are worthy of the air it takes to maintain life. This is fascinating to me.

As we are drowning, we start fighting. I mean the kind of fight that it takes to see ourselves outside of the box we have been hiding in and others have been stomping us down into.

It is a tough process to go through but wow is it a whaaahooo when all of a sudden we get it. We are worthy, we are “good enough.” In all of the complications of life, all the mess and yuck-and-muck, we are really are good enough.

Black stork (Ciconia nigra) fishing on the lake

Movie Example of “Good Enough”

Recently I watched a movie for the third time. It is one of many good movies about finding the “I am good enough” message inside of ourselves.

Nightjohn 1996 PG-13 – “In this uncompromising story of persecution and perseverance in the Antebellum South, former runaway slave Nightjohn (Carl Lumbly) brings hope and the chance of freedom to slaves on cruel Clel Waller’s (Beau Bridges) tobacco plantation.” ~ Amazon Prime

In the movie, the slaves initially did not understand their value to their master. Their value to their master was not based on humanity, only on monetary value. Nevertheless, they had a value. Their master certainly did not hand them a free ticket to their value. Their inner value was slowly uncovered through the events of life, in this case as a slave.

This is a great movie to remind us that we have value regardless of how we are seen by others.

We can soar through life when we find our good enough…

Wildlife. White Stork In Flight, A Large Marsh Bird Of The Stork

Can you find your “good enough?” Can you find it daily? Can you simply rest in it and let that just simply be?

Enjoy being you, messy and all.

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Certified Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)

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