Seasons come and go, your winter season with trauma and chronic illness will pass

The winter season can look dark, gloomy and deathly. It may feel like you are frozen and cannot get out of this season.

Just like seasons come and go, so do life events like trauma and chronic illness.

Some people go into fight or flight when they are traumatized.

Personally I FREEZE. It is like I am paralyzed and I stop movement. And I usually do it with a smile on my face, as crazy as that is, that is what I do. It is the movement that would keep me warm enough to MOVE. Instead I am frozen like a Siberian winter. I am working on this. I am making progress.

As I see my health improving, I am seeing that I am moving through the longest winter I have ever experienced. I am learning not to freeze as I get hit with “re-traumaization.” Finally, this season has some movement.

All of us have seasons of winter that bring us to a halt. Some of us have had more than others. They are all seasons, that come and go. One way or another, with time and patience for yourself, they will pass. Don’t ever give up, it will pass.

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