Never in a million years would I have imagined that I could have come out the other end of this particular Christmas with such joy. I am amazed to find joy, true joy, in the simple fact that I am alive, I am willing to fight for my health, I am a real person, I am seen in my own eyes whether another living soul sees me or not. Grand success. This is not about me, it is about everyone who has chronic illness and trauma in their lives who were willing to walk through what could have been a devastating holiday. We did it!!!! We conquered.

Victory in Conquering Christmas

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Victory, what a word. As we struggle through our physical battles of chronic illness and pain we can lose the physical strength to fight the battle of a holiday. Then add layers of past and present trauma to our physical struggles and the emotional can seem unbearable.

Sometimes it is okay to just be very still during Christmas and let the dust settle. None of us need the cruelty that others can sometimes bring to our lives. None of us need the insane expectations of others that can crush our spirits. And certainly, none of us need to serve others to the extent that it is not authentic.

I declare that we all can claim this a true victory. We made it to the other side of Christmas. We are still standing, sitting or laying down. We are still here with a life to live.

Joy is Different than Happiness

Joy is a completely different word than happiness. Joy is something deep inside, an acceptance of where we are in life and our circumstances. Happiness is a good thing but it is more short-lived than joy. Joy brings that inner smile that radiates through us. Joy reminds us that today is good and worth living for.


Hope for a Healthier Tomorrow

I certainly don’t have my head in the sand, most of chronic illness and trauma cut deeply and leave wounds that do not seem possible to heal. Christmas, for me, reminds me of the grand hope we all have in a healthier tomorrow. As we live above our troubles for a Christmas holiday to celebrate what we do have, we can see a little bit more hope.

It is a choice and I fully make that choice to always see hope.

Now What?

Now it is time to be grateful and know that we are perfectly fine, exactly how we are, messy and all.

Without all the harshness of mankind in my ears this Christmas, I find myself more settled and peaceful than usual.

My hope is that you too have found victory in your Christmas. It does not need to be picture perfect, white picket fences, a fairytale land. It needs to be real.  It needs to be today, right where we find ourselves on this journey.

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We all come with different needs at different times. We are all different, kind of like Christmas ornaments!!

Claim your Christmas victories and let the rest go. So…..what are your Christmas victories this year?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC (Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach)

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