Serving others can be a ball. Usually, we get more out of the act than the person we choose to help. Everyday life offers everyday opportunities to help another human being. While in chronic illness, keep it simple and see how far this can go.

Okay, this is a blog for chronically ill people. I realize we are a bit challenged when we have many of our own physical limitations. But WE get so much out of serving others that there certainly are ways to get around our own limitations.

  • Hold a flashlight for someone and receive a story read aloud by a lonely friend.
  • Message/text a friend a HELLO and start a conversation that ends up bringing much joy to YOUR day.
  • Watch a movie with someone who simply needs the company and then realize you got a chuckle out of a goofy movie you would not normally choose to watch.
  • Color with a friend of all ages and realize that you just had fun coloring an adult coloring page.
  • Sit and watch a child play, giving them needed attention, and see what happens to your own joy level.  Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting on bench at the day time.
  • Simply sit with a man in your life, providing him with needed attention, and see what happens to your relationship level.
  • Offer to make phone calls for a friend and see how fast your afternoon flies by instead of focusing on the loneliness.
  • Sit outside with a neighbors pet for an hour to give the neighbor a break and the pet some exercise and see how much you enjoyed the fresh air.
  • Pick some unruly “weeds” in your yard for a sick neighbor and realize that you just conquered your “exercise” for the day.

Young Girl, Holding Vase With Fresh Spring Flowers

When we are chronically ill, I understand that it is more complicated to be serving others. But there are always ways. And it brings so much to our lives that it is worth doing.

The act of serving others also takes the sting out of the trauma we currently feel so strongly. I am amazed at what serving others brings to OUR lives.

No matter what our own limitations are, we have the ability to make someone else’s lives a bit brighter. It is a win-win for both us and them.

How do you find ways to serve others?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC (Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach)

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Donations are accepted to serve others on their chronic illness journey. Maribeth Baxter, MBEC provides voluntary certified health coaching services to the financially limited during their time of crisis.



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