Slow down the onslaught of triggers and make the pain stop. There have been days that is all I can concentrate on just to survive the day. Walking through chronic illness is a challenge all in itself. When a person has past trauma, it complicates it even more. Our bodies are on a level of high sensitivity from the physical challenges of illness and the added emotional elements add fuel to a raging fire that can feel uncontrollable. There is hope. There are ways of walking on fire and seeing victory at the other end.

Past trauma looks different for everyone. It can happen in childhood or during our adult years. Both can halt emotional maturity. One person can have both childhood trauma and adult trauma that keep life more complicated that it “should” be. Since we cannot change the past, we need solutions for the present.

More people seem to be openly talking about trauma. It does not have to be about blame or guilt. It does not have to even be about the offender of the infliction on our lives. Open discussion can help us walk through it, finding forgiveness and a peaceful life.

Our current human interactions with people can be enhanced by understanding ourselves better. Being kind to ourselves so we can see the kindness that exists in others.

I will be exploring how I have and continue to deal with traumatic triggers to move through chronic illness and get to the other end. It is amazing what we can recover from and move through to have better lives. Might look a bit foggy as we begin the journey but there is so much hope.

Do you like the idea of moving through issues – not ignoring them and not getting stuck on them, moving through them?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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Donations are accepted to serve others on their chronic illness journey. Maribeth Baxter, MBEC provides voluntary certified health coaching services to the financially limited during their time of crisis.

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