Tree-Hugging instead of Self-Destruction

Even if you might not ever think you want to touch a tree, there is something about nature that brings a grounding to all of us. It is the “grounding” that can help calm us when we are triggered by a traumatic event, past or present. When it is appopriate to be calmed, walk outside and find anything natural. Hugging a tree just might bring some relief to a current traumatic event or memory.

This is not meant to trivialize your trauma. I know for myself, sometimes I can get quite worked up over trauma. I have to start with getting calmed down enough to find some grounding. That grounding then helps me see if I need to stay in the moment of upset or move through it.

Being self-destructive is a way to explain it. If an episode of trauma, past or present, has you so upset that you realize you are self-destructive, find a way to ground yourself so you do not get hurt. If you hug a tree or howl at the moon to get grounded, it is better than any self-destructive action.

There are times when trauma is more than we can emotionally handle. While you walk through chronic illness and pain along with trauma, it is a good idea to have a plan for these overwhelming moments that can lead to destructive behavior.

If you cannot get a grip on your self-destructive feelings:

  • Immediatly call a crisis hot-line for help
  • Get around someone who understands and will keep you safe

Walking through trauma and chronic illness is tough at times. Have grace and love for yourself that this is hard stuff to deal with.


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