Cognitive Disruptions – Let’s Clarify Crazy

There is crazy and there are cognitive disruptions. Fruit-loopy, nuts, crazy, mad, ditz, blonde, air-head, slow, the short bus – – you get the idea. Chronic pain makes us all a bit loony. Others join in name-calling and we even do it to ourselves, calling ourselves stupid or idiots when we miss a beat. Maybe…Read more »

Calvary to the Rescue

Guns a blazing, here they come!! This weekend it felt like the Calvary came to my rescue. “I need help” seems like the most basic statement but it gets complicated and messy when we are chronically ill for years. It gets more complicated when we do not physically look like we are ill. So when…Read more »

Wipe Out

Even “wipe-out” days are not as bad as they used to be. Had another wipe-out day today. Yesterday was a long difficult day getting to the doctor for help with my struggling heart. It took everything in me to get there but it was necessary. It was also worth spending the next day in bed…Read more »

Days I can’t begin to see the whole picture

Had no clue that being chronically ill could be so difficult. Had no clue that a person with trauma in their past could be so affected by it while walking through chronic illness. Had no clue this could be the most difficult journey of my life and last for so many years. There are days…Read more »

Frame Your Trauma

There are times when I literally have to “frame” an episode of something that feels traumatic to be able to see through it. Giving it some kind of temporary placeholder so I can step back and see it differently, more thoroughly. Maybe it is a type of barrier so I can define what is truly…Read more »

Just when you want to say, “What the heck?”

Walking down these paths of chronic illness, pain and trauma can bring many “What the heck” moments. Things don’t line up, they don’t make sense, they don’t appear as we think we should see them. It is so easy to look at this photo and say there is no possible way that this is real.…Read more »

When was the last time you went WHAaaaHooooo!!

Even the word WhaaaHoo is fun. It might be the only word that each person gets to choose how they will spell it. I am not even sure it is an English word. When it is said with sheer joy, it is univerally understood. Some of our WhaaaHooo’s are big and some are small, both…Read more »

Heart Trauma

Walking through a current trauma trigger has been eventful the last few weeks. I have a heart condition and it has the most interesting way of bringing up the past and determining my future. This is not always a negative event but it is always amazing to me how I process the current event based…Read more »

Trauma and Illness Can Feel Like a Game of Pinball

Throw enough factors into one persons life and body and it can feel like a pinball flying around out-of-control. That ball is flying so fast one way, then the other, that it is hard to follow. To a chronically ill person with pain and trauma, their life and body can feel like it is being…Read more »