We do not always feel like we have a choice of choosing. Chronic illness and pain certainly narrow our horizons. Yet they do not have to take away the power we have inside of us simply to be human and make choices. Very hard to see this while laying in bed in pain from a disease that has the capacity to take your life. I have watched others stories unravel to help me see the power of choice that I possess. 

Yesterday’s horrific events in Las Vegas sent me reeling for a few moments. As I worked my way through my own emotions, I found a peaceful spot and stayed there the rest of the day. I chose to let go of my own traumatic triggers yesterday and stop, breathe, and pray for those who were the true victims of the tragedy.

There was power in that choice yesterday. I do not have to get stuck in the loop of pain and illness and trauma that feeds on itself. Years ago it took more effort to move through things like that. As I practice, I lessen my suffering by finding power in wise choices.

Try telling me that when I was younger!! We learn and grow as we move through this thing called life.

Enduring another health crash has been more enlightening than ever. This health crash knocked me off my feet for 5 years. With a few decades of life behind me, several health crashes, many traumatic events, I get to choose to do life much differently this time.

I could not be more grateful for 5 years of crazy wild health problems that forced me to make severely different choices or I would not have a life. I can see that I do have the ability to make more choices than I thought possible.

Regardless of circumstances, I am a human being. As a human being, I have a mind, a brain, a heart and a soul that can guide me through my decision-making.

There is no other human who can fully understand me. That is just how life works for all of us. So I need to make my own decisions that are best for me. Looking backward, I can clearly see that my choices have always been better for my life than what others have chosen for me. I have this, finally!!

It is time to completely trust myself and my choices. Will they always lead to perfection, absolutely not. Yet they will lead to what is best for me and my life. Through all of the twists and turns that our lives take us, we have the ability to find power in our own choices.

I am enjoying a moment of progress. I am amazed at the power we have with our own choices.

What power have you found in recent choices?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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