I am amazed at how life feels a bit unsettled, messy and downright blurry at times. Chronic illness has crashed my life and opened up a new sense of hope for the best life I have ever had. I am not quite there yet!! I envision it and I can just barely taste it. Reaching out for it with everything in me.

As I unravel the end of my chronic illness, I hope you join me while I let go of the struggles and enter into a healthy life. The trauma of the illness has set off a series of events that has to be unraveled to be able to move forward. This journal – blog will be a way of honestly documenting this last stage of illness.

Through any darkness that comes up, we will find the light and hope in everything. The hope that I have in my heart and want to see in the world as I re-engage in life outside my four walls of confinement of illness.

I sincerely request comments so that we can engage in conversation on the struggles of obtaining health.  Feel free to comment on the blog or email me for a private conversation.

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC

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