Majestic Mondays remind me to look beyond the problems of today and see the majesty in today. Anyone with chronic illness knows that this is not an easy task. Without the majesty of today I would not have made it through the worse of my illness. Looking back I can see that the new beginning of Mondays was reminder for me to truly see the majesty in every day. This did not come easy to me, it took practice, lots of it.

Through all of the problems that come with chronic illness and trauma in our lives, it is understandable why we cannot see the majesty in every day. Heck, there were days I could not even see a reason for living another day of the misery much less find something good in the madness of illness and trauma.

Majesty is a completely different concept than “finding something good in everything.” Majesty is like seeing something bigger than ourselves. Seeing with our own eyes something that triggers us to get in touch with who we are today and how we fit into the madness.

As we can see the beauty and majesty of something bigger than ourselves we suddenly can have a spark of energy to keep moving through it all instead of giving in to the madness.

Night In A TownI have a window in my bedroom that has brought the view of majesty to me for the last 18 years. This simple window has opened up a vision of the whole world that is left for me to explore as I move through illness and into health.

A gentle reminder of this majesty happened last night. It was my bedtime and I needed to walk over toward the window to pick up something I had accidentally left there. It was next to this window in my bedroom. I looked up and there it was, majesty. The sky was filled with stars shining down on me to remind me that every day, every moment, can have majesty. There is something bigger than my illness and the struggles through the healing process. There certainly is something bigger than the trauma in my life that seems to cripple me at times. I will move through this. It will happen. In part, because there is a whole world out there filled with majesty that I want to experience.

Keep it Simple

At night-time, where ever you are, look up.

City lights, weather and pollution can hinder the view so keep trying. If you don’t see it the first night you try, try again. You will see the beauty and the majesty of it all. I have watched others looking at the sight with wonderment. Grown men and woman simply looking upward and seeing the majesty and being reminded of the bigger picture.

You most likely have done this many times throughout your lifetime. Do you find that each time you do it, there is a different scene? Does it slow you down, help you take a deeper breath and soak in the majesty of life regardless of the pain and suffering?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC (Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach)

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