Batter Up… Time To Start Swinging

I love baseball. Couldn’t tell you many rules. Couldn’t name many players much less their stats. Been to less than a dozen major league games. But I do love going to baseball games. The atmosphere of comradery and competition is a thrill. There is a time to get along and there is a time start…Read more »

Fools Find No Pleasure In Understanding

So much talking and so little understanding. A famous proverb reminds us, “Fools find no pleasure in understanding,┬ábut delight in airing their own opinions.” Don’t we already hear the “fool” in others? Everyone has an opinion about EVERYTHING. The oddest part is that everyone is talking so much that few want any true understanding. Here…Read more »

Words Matter, Practice Respect

When others speak harsh and rude words, we take note. Do we realize that our words may come across to others as just as harsh and rude? While we endure and move through the years of trauma and chronic illness we have important choices to make. My favorite (and my most difficult) is to see…Read more »