Hurt People Hurt Others

I have the least patience for others on days I physically feel the worse. The battle can┬ábecome a “how to shoot someone who outdrew ya.” On those days, hurting people seem to come out of the woodwork and find me. I get to choose how I react. The more practice I get, the better I…Read more »

Trauma Triggers: Chronic Illness

My amazement with trauma comes with the triggers it creates during┬áchronic illness. In some ways, I have dealt with the actual traumatic incidents better than the backlash years later. Chronic illness has me more sensitive than ever. I feel like a pin cushion. Most of it is the odd interactions I have with humans that…Read more »

Trauma and Chronic Illness

Slow down the onslaught of triggers and make the pain stop. There have been days that is all I can concentrate on just to survive the day. Walking through chronic illness is a challenge all in itself. When a person has past trauma, it complicates it even more. Our bodies are on a level of…Read more »