Words Matter, Practice Respect

When others speak harsh and rude words, we take note. Do we realize that our words may come across to others as just as harsh and rude? While we endure and move through the years of trauma and chronic illness we have important choices to make. My favorite (and my most difficult) is to see…Read more »

Courageous Mighty Monica

The price of shame! We are a culture of humiliation with cyber-bullying. Why? This serves nothing, of any good. It only serves those who prey on the victims.  Complete waste  of time, energy and resources. STOP doing it and STOP paying attention to it. Monica Lewinsky says it well, “Public shaming as a blood-sport has got…Read more »

Share The War Stories

Most of us will not be fighting in a war, in a military combat sense. Yet, most of us will battle chronic illness at some point in our lifetime. Combat and chronic illness are two completely different beasts. So what can those of us with chronic illness learn from those who are willing to share their…Read more »