When was the last time you went WHAaaaHooooo!!

Even the word WhaaaHoo is fun. It might be the only word that each person gets to choose how they will spell it. I am not even sure it is an English word. When it is said with sheer joy, it is univerally understood. Some of our WhaaaHooo’s are big and some are small, both…Read more »

Heart Trauma

Walking through a current trauma trigger has been eventful the last few weeks. I have a heart condition and it has the most interesting way of bringing up the past and determining my future. This is not always a negative event but it is always amazing to me how I process the current event based…Read more »

Trauma and Illness Can Feel Like a Game of Pinball

Throw enough factors into one persons life and body and it can feel like a pinball flying around out-of-control. That ball is flying so fast one way, then the other, that it is hard to follow. To a chronically ill person with pain and trauma, their life and body can feel like it is being…Read more »

What Brings an Ounce of Humor to Trauma?

There is nothing funny about trauma, nothing. As we have experienced it and lived with it for our entire lives, we can watch ourselves as we live out the effects of it. Are there rare moments that you can actually find an ounce of humor in the situation? Not to belittle the experiences. Not to sweep…Read more »

Plowed Over, For a Moment

Last night’s tragic events in Las Vegas plowed me over this morning when I heard of the horror of last night. It is good to have compassion for others and it is good to be appalled at this horrific event. It is not okay to spiral out of control over it. Gently and quickly had to…Read more »

Hurt People Hurt Others

I have the least patience for others on days I physically feel the worse. The battle can become a “how to shoot someone who outdrew ya.” On those days, hurting people seem to come out of the woodwork and find me. I get to choose how I react. The more practice I get, the better I…Read more »