Wisdom Wednesdays

Wisdom, in part, is taking what we learn and put it to good use for ourselves, others, and generations to come. Sorting through all the knowledge and getting to the wisdom is some of the exciting stuff of life. Growth comes as we learn to sift through the sea of information and work with wisdom.

Majestic Mondays

Majestic Mondays remind me to look beyond the problems of today and see the majesty in today. Anyone with chronic illness knows that this is not an easy task. Without the majesty of today I would not have made it through the worse of my illness. Looking back I can see that the new beginning…Read more »

Familiarity – Living Without, Growing Within

If you had a choice of staying in your comfort zone or having to give up comfy familiarity to be able to grow as a person, what would you choose? Most of us would say there are limits to what we would be willing to give up. We all like our favorite chair and our…Read more »

Choking on Trauma

Enough already!! It is no longer funny when someone passes out. Children have a difficult time knowing what the limit is, in many situations. Good way to know is when you are bullying someone and they pass out. The memories can be more damaging than the event itself. And then there is the breath of…Read more »

Hospital Horrors

For life-saving emergencies, hospitals are the greatest thing going. If I am in a car accident, rush me straight to one. For all other times, I personally have a very healthy fear of hospitals. My track record most likely accounts for it. As my personal experiences have evolved, I am amazed at the resilience a human…Read more »

Thanksgiving Abundance Amidst​​ Suffering

Whether an original or modern-day pilgrim, there can be much abundance in suffering while on our journeys. Personal growth and healing come in many forms and many layers. Thanksgiving this year reminded me not only of gratitude but how we can rise above loss to have meaningful and productive lives, full of abundance. 

Do you treat yourself as you desire others to treat you?

We have all heard the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you would want them to treat you.” What about how we treat ourselves? How are we treating ourselves in comparison to how we want others to treat us? The negative self-talk is usually crueler than what others would say to us. What about self-care? Are we…Read more »